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World War Willie

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Forever Wild
Let's All Come Together
Grandpa Rocks
Runaway Girl
World War Willie
Bad Boy
Hell Yeah
Beautiful You
When Levon Sings
Trouble Down In Diamond Town
Citibank Nile
Sweet Jane

"Better than most performers have to offer by far." -- Rolling Stone

"Clash meet's Pete Seeger...A true master songwriter." -- Hits

“There’s a lot going on in this world between the good, the bad and the in-between, and this album attempts to ride some of those horses,” Willie Nile says of his memorably-titled new album World War Willie, due out April 1, 2016 on River House/Virtual Label.   

 The dozen-song set lives up to Nile’s reputation as a world-class songwriter, a singularly energetic performer and a true rock ’n’ roll believer. Two years ago American Ride became one of Nile’s most acclaimed releases to date, topping numerous critics’ year-end best-of lists and being voted Best Rock Album of the Year by the Independent Music Awards. World War Willie lives up to that standard with some of the most resonant songwriting and performances of Nile’s career. 

“There’s a live feel to the tracks because we captured an actual performance on every one,” Nile says. “The band and I have done so many shows together that our instincts all seem to arrive at the same intersection at the same time. We all play and feel as one, and there’s an energy there that you can’t manufacture.”