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Beautiful Wreck of the World

Beautiful Wreck of the World

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His first self-released album, Beautiful Wreck of the World, was chosen as one of the Top Ten Albums of the Year by critics at Billboard Magazine, The Village Voice and Stereo Review. Lucinda Williams called "On the Road to Calvary," Nile's song for Jeff Buckley, "One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard." The album reached the finals of the Independent Music Awards for Best Rock Album of the Year

1. You Gotta Be A Buddha (In a Place Like This)
2. Black Magic and White Lies
3. Bread Alone
4. Every Time The World Turns Around
5. History 101
6. The Man Who Used To Be
7. Beautiful Wreck of the World
8. Brain Damage
9. The Black Parade
10. Oatmeal Box
11. Somewhere It's Raining
12. On The Road To Calvary (for Jeff Buckley)
13. Tiorunda Surprise

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